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Kaley Sinclair Jiawon

About My Clients: Adults 

My clients are ready to finally get over their past (and are realizing that time hasn't healed it) and start really having the best lives they can. My clients are ready to dive in and explore how their identities, past experiences, cultures, and traumas have shaped them and their world. They are ready to start writing their life story instead of just witnessing it, and have agreement between what they know to be true in their heads and feel deep down.  They are ready now to be authentically happy in their relationships and find deep and meaningful connection.  And they are ready to believe what they hear about themselves from others and at a deep down and core level, finally feel good enough and at peace.  

About My Clients: Kids

My clients are kids who have been through bad experiences, that little ones should never have to experience.  They may be not seem like the same kid or teen, but are trying their best way to cope.  This often looks like making bad choices, acting out, making negative statements about themselves, or withdrawing .  The parents I work with are just doing the best they can, and want to see their kids have lasting healing, resiliency, and be the best version of themselves.  

About My Clients: Couples

My couples are people who love each other, but keep getting into the same annoying fights over and over again and don't feel connected anymore.  They want to make things work and feel like a strong team like they used to, they just don't know how.  Or, they are getting ready to be married, and want to start their marriage with a strong and solid foundation.  Wedding planning is stressful, and they want to remember what's important and be thoughtful as they blend family cultures and traditions both in the wedding, and in their lives moving forward.  

About Me

Kaley Sinclair Jiawon is a dually licensed Mental Health Counselor and Marriage and Family Therapist.  She is also a nationally trained and certified EMDR therapist and a Gottman Method Level 2 Couples Therapist.  She has years of experience working with healing trauma, treatment of childhood abuse and neglect, and helping people navigate relationship struggles.  She specializes in helping people heal from traumatic experiences and helping distant couples reconnect and rebuild their futures together.   One of her areas of expertise and interest in couples and marital work includes helping couples from different cultural, religious, and racial backgrounds.  She has a lot of experience helping navigate some of the specific struggles that can happen with couples who have very different backgrounds.  She also specializes in premarital work helping couples navigate the wedding planning process and creating a strong foundation for the beginning of their marriage.  

How I work

​Kaley is dedicated to therapy that is respectful, culturally-competent, accepting, and comes from a place of humble curiosity in guiding your own body and brain's natural drive towards healing. She is committed to fighting against mental health stigma and systemic oppression and strive to help clients empower themselves and others. She does this by making it a professional and personal goal to constantly be improving, learning, challenging her belief system, engaging in continuous cultural self-assessment, and fighting for justice and equality for all people. 

Kaley believes everybody has the ability to heal and improve themselves when presented with the right environment and a little bit of help.  This belief leads her to work as a team with her clients to accomplish their shared therapeutic goals.  When working with clients, Kaley strives to create a supportive and accepting atmosphere free from judgment.  She does this by making it a priority to view the world through her client's eyes and using their own insight and knowledge to address their goals.

Kaley believes that everything in an individual's life is interconnected.  All of our experiences, cultural backgrounds, family structure, the people in our lives, and our choices all combine to make us the unique people that we are.  Because of this, she uses a holistic approach to incorporate all of these factors to personalize her work to each client's needs.  Working with her client's, Kaley explores how all of these factors shape the person and help empower them to take ownership of authoring their life goals.  

My Office

Sinclair Counseling Services, LLC is located just outside of Downtown Orlando in the beautiful North Quarter District and is convenient to access from the neighborhoods of College Park, Lake Highland, Mills 50, Baldwin Park, Winter Park, and anywhere in Central Florida from right off I-4.  The office is a quick walk from Downtown CREDO (North Quarter Location), Reyes Mezcaleria, Ivanhoe row, and located between the Marks Street senior recreation center and Lotus fitness studio.  The building has a large free parking lot directly behind it, and free street parking out front. 

Kaley Sinclair Jiawon, Orlando Trauma Specialist and Counselor

Licensed Mental Health Counselor

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

Certified EMDR Therapist

See Kaley Sinclair Jiawon's qualifications below.  


Masters in Mental Health Counseling from Rollins College 

Additional Certificate in Family and Relationship Therapy

Bachelors from Rollins College

Dual Degree in Psychology and Anthropology

Licensed Mental Health Counselor

MH 13937

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist


Society of Anthropological Sciences National Conference: Co-presented original research with Dr. Robert Moore, February 2012, Las Vegas, NV. 

Latest and Greatest: Training local EMDR clinicians: Cultural Competence and Healing Culturally-Based Trauma Through EMDR Therapy; originally presented by Mark Nickerson, LICSW.  June, 2017, Orlando, FL.  

Florida Network of Children's Advocacy Centers Conference: Parenting Traumatized Children; A Therapeutic Group Model, co-presented with Diane Kimball, LMHC.  July 2017, Orlando, FL.

MT 3182

Certified EMDR Therapist and EMDRIA Approved Consultant

Trained in 2013, Certified in 2017,

Approved Consultant 2022


Qualified Supervisor for the State of Florida for LMHC and LMFT

Gottman Level 2 Trained

Level 1: 2012, Level 2: 2013

Additional Certifications

Sandtray levels 1 and 2: 2013

Emotionally-Focused Couples Therapy Trainings

Early (preverbal/birth) Trauma, Attachment, Complex Trauma, and Dissociation Trainings

The Psychology of Love, Edited by Michele Paludi: Co-authored chapter with Dr Robert Moore: The Language of Love and Sex Among College Students, published March 2012.

Professional Affiliations

EMDRIA- EMDR International Organization

Greater Orlando TRN (Trauma Recovery Network) member and volunteer

Member of monthly EMDR study/case consultation group

Member of monthly dissociation study/case consultation group

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Kaley Sinclair Jiawon, LMHC, LMFT

1516 E Concord Street

Orlando, FL 32803


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