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Orlando Therapist Specializing in Trauma Treatment, Childhood Abuse Recovery for all ages, EMDR, and helping couples from different backgrounds get the relationship they desire

If you identify with the following statements, EMDR may be right for you:

-Can't get over something from your past

-Feeling like you are "going through the motions"

-Feel a disconnect between what you know to be true and how you feel deep down

-Have your life "together" on paper, but don't feel happy

-Keep getting into relationships with the wrong people

-Have physical symptoms that you can't explain or work through

-Feel like you can never "just relax and be"

-Can never get over not feeling "good enough" no matter what you do 

-You want to feel better, but not keep "rehashing" the same stuff over and over again


 EMDR is an evidenced-based and highly effective treatment modality.  It is effective for a number of concerns and produces long-lasting results.  My specialties within EMDR include helping clients of all ages heal from childhood sexual abuse and neglect, sexual trauma, PTSD and complex PTSD, dissociation, attachment issues, pre-verbal trauma (pre-birth, birth and trauma before the age of 3), intergenerational/historical trauma, and trauma based on cultural identities (internalized oppression and discrimination).  Ask about my intensive trauma treatment program for people who are not located in Orlando, or who want to work through past trauma at a faster rate.  

  Click the link below or check out my blog for more information.  

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Couples and Marital Therapy is a wonderful way to tune-up a relationship, or reconnect when couples are distant.  I believe that every couple has to blend family cultures when they create a life together, but I have special training in helping clients who are struggling with differences in culture, family of origin traditions, religion, and identity.  I love working with all couples and relationship styles, and am LGBTQ friendly.  Click the link below to learn more about the evidenced-based couples and marital therapy I specialize in and my approach to healing distance and building lasting love.

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We can spend so much time planning a wedding, but often don't also take the time to intentionally create the marriage we want for after the wedding.  I offer pre-marriage packages to help you start the next chapter in your lives together in a solid, positive, and strong-than-ever state.  This is specifically important when couples come from very different family backgrounds and it can often be more difficult to balance between the unique family culture you want to create together, and your individual families and their beliefs.  Check out my blog and click on the link below to find out more!

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I have years of experience specializing in work with children, adolescents, and their parents to help work through problems they may be facing, especially abuse, neglect, and trauma.  This includes years of specialized training utilizing EMDR with kids and teens suffering from traumatic experiences.  I use a collaborative and individualized approach for each child and their family to help them accomplish their goals.

It is one of my passions to help clients explore the intersection of their different identities and how those various identities have shaped them and their choices.  My specialties in this area include helping clients navigate cross-cultural interactions in their lives, healing from cultural and identity- based traumas including experiences of discrimination, internalized oppression, and helping cross-cultural couples and families navigate some of their unique struggles.  This may include:  disagreements with parenting, in-laws, differences in religion, different communication styles,  microaggressions, and conflict originating from competing realities of viewing the world.  

I help families who have been through a lot of transitions, and when children have attachment-related injuries connect on a deeper level and work through early emotional injuries.  This includes helping heal from adoption trauma and attachment injuries resulting from medical issues.  I also provide support for siblings of children with special needs, who often don't get the support they need since so much focus has to be on the special needs child.  Contact me on the bottom of the page for a free 15 minute phone consultation to find out more!  

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