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Thoughts on Love

Today is Valentine's Day. And I have so many thoughts in my head about what I want to say. Today is a day where we are grateful for our loved ones and want to make them feel special and highlight how important they are to us. Today is also a day that is really difficult for many of us who have lost loved ones, or feel alone. And, today is the one year anniversary of the shooting in Parkland, Florida, which makes my heart and the hearts of many around me feel heavy.

My first thought for today was to write about simple tips and tricks to improve your relationship. But today, that just doesn't feel right. I just want to to talk about Love.

So much of what I see as a therapist and what a lot of my clients' pain, struggles, and triumphs all boil down to... is love. This often looks on the surface like struggle with self-esteem, not feeling loved by others, feeling alone in a relationship, or just not feeling at peace in the world. Humans are biologically predetermined to want to feel loved and give love. It's in our DNA. So when we feel an absence of it, we don't feel right deep in our bones. When we are given it and truly feel it, we thrive! Love...the sharing of it, the celebration of it, the search for it, or the lack of it, is at the root of everything.

What I wish for everyone today and every day is real and authentic love. Love for yourself, love that is vulnerable and full of empathy with those close to you, and love for a world that really needs it. I want to leave this post on the words of someone who I admire, and someone who continues to teach the world (and me) about love, hope, and kindness... Mr. Rogers. Yes, that Mr. Rogers. Please take care of yourselves and each other today and let those who are important to you know that they matter.

Kaley Sinclair Jiawon is the owner of Sinclair Counseling Services, a counseling practice in Downtown Orlando specializing in helping her clients find healing, peace, empowerment, and connection. Click here to learn more.

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