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Proud New Member of TherapyDen!

Have you heard about TherapyDen? It's a great new and free for clients (Yay!) therapist directory that you can use to find therapists who have a social justice framework, strive to be culturally-competent, and be inclusive to all people. I am so excited to find this new resource because it is a step in the right direction to reduce a tiny bit of the huge emotional risk that many people in marginalized communities feel when looking for a therapist. Here is a blurb from their website about what they represent:

TherapyDen is the therapist directory for our modern world. We keep up with the times and evolve to reflect the society we serve. Not only can a client find a therapist based on common issues, such as anxiety and relationship troubles, but they can search for a therapist that treats the unique struggles of today. For example, users can find a therapist that specifically treats cultural and systemic oppression, immigration issues, white privilege, or stress caused by the political climate. Clients can also search for a therapist that is body positive and believes in health at every size. Or a therapist that is kink friendly and sex positive. Or a therapist who has a racial justice framework and is trans-competent. The list goes on. Directories like Psychology Today don't have these important search filters, even though we've received feedback that these issues are incredibly important to many therapy-seekers.

You may still have the thoughts: "Will this person REALLY understand me?" "Will they mansplain/whitesplain/cisplain/(insert other microaggression/invalidation here)?" "Will my experiences be invalidated, even unintentionally by a well-meaning, person who just doesn't quite get it?" The answer is maybe. Unfortunately, it is always a risk starting any relationship ( like I need to tell you). When a therapist chooses to join TherapyDen, they are at least making it their public intention to be open and inclusive, and hopefully make it a priority to continuously learn, grow, be open, and humble.

I don't see this as a simple solution because this is a complex issue, but it's at least a step in the right direction and a good starting off point if you are not sure where to begin looking for help. Even if your goal isn't to work on topics of culture and identity, you can search just for therapists who specialize in the usual stuff (anxiety, depression, self-esteem, relationship struggles, etc.). It helps to know that the person you are choosing at least considers social and cultural identity when doing their work, even if that isn't their focus. So, it's still a good resource even if some of the words in the previous paragraph don't resonate with you.😉

For fellow therapists, it is currently free to join (as of this post) as they are trying to develop more of an online presence, but once they are past beta testing, it will cost like other therapist directories. The cool thing is, that 10% of the membership cost goes towards the non-profit of your choice (if you choose their "supporter" package over the "lite"). Plus it gives you the opportunity to put your money where your mouth is and let people know that making therapy more open and inclusive matters to you while still helping the clients you best serve find you!

Check out my profile and other like-minded therapists by clicking the badge below, and start looking out for that badge on other therapy websites! Happy Fall!

If you are looking for support, healing, or just a place to be seen and heard, contact me by clicking here. Or call at (407) 205-0251 for a 15 minute free phone consultation to see if I'm the right fit to help you!

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